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Services and Rates

Investing in massage and yoga is an investment in your health.  Massage Therapy and Body work is overall Preventative healthcare, not just a luxury.

30 minute Massage:                                                                   $45

60 minute Massage:                                                                   $75

(60 and 90 minute massage may include small amounts of Ashiatsu and/or hot stones as tools) 

90 minute Massage:                                                                   $95

50 minute Reiki/Energy Work session:                                       $45

60 minute Energy work with Reflexology, neck, and shoulder massage:                                                                                   $65

30 minute reflexology:                                                              $45 

60 minute reflexology:                                                              $65

60 minute Hot Stone Massage:                                                   $85

90 minute Hot Stone Massage:                                                   $100

60 minute Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage                                         $85

90 minute Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage                                         $105

I specialize in Treatments for people suffering from carpel Tunnel symptoms.  Just inform me of your issues and I will be happy to provide this treatment in our session together.  Thank You


Private Yoga Lessons offered in Winston Salem

Get $10 off each yoga session when purchasing packages of 3 or more at one time.

One Hour: $60

75mins: $75

90mins: $90

30 min yoga sessions available directly before massage $20 (short break installed between yoga and massage)

All other yoga sessions have option to schedule before a massage

Add one person to any lesson or package for $20





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